How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans

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blazer: Ted Baker, jeans: Gap, shirt: John Varvatos (must try, click on image to look)


Oh how the 90’s messed you up. And let’s be real, the early 2000’s were not all that helpful either when it comes to how to wear a blazer with jeans. J.Crew, GQ and Banana Republic all had it in for you. They were like, “Hey! Check out this suit. You can totally wear the jacket with your jeans.” In a world where professional attire was becoming increasingly casual and suit sales were falling, folks were trying to convince you that a suit was still relevant. That or a creative director saw a hobo, and by hobo I mean a homeward bound fella, on a plane in jeans and a suit jacket and thought genius! But the real reason he was wearing the suit jacket with jeans was to prevent it from wrinkling in his carryon. He was not being stylishly creative, he was sacrificing his image for efficiency. He was being utilitarian.

You see, a suit jacket is often made of silk, polyester or fine wool with a relatively delicate weight. When you pair this lightweight dressy garment with the ruggedness of jeans, you create an off beat look. To exaggerate, it’s like wearing Tuxedo shoes with cargo shorts. So, I don’t recommend a suit jacket with jeans.

Then What Am I Supposed To Wear With Jeans?

People often call a suit jacket a blazer. And then there are sport coats that are also called blazers. And then there is the dinner jacket (DJ). At this rate, I am not even sure what is accurate with sales associates, stylists, designers, the internet at large, and books interchanging these words at their will. I like to keep it simple. Blazers are for casual pants (Like jeans! Hazzah!), and suit jackets are for suits. The main difference between a blazer and a suit jacket is the material. A blazer is a little sturdier and made from a cotton blend. It will have a similar weight to your jeans, which is why it works better. When you are in the presence of a blazer that can be paired with jeans you will notice the difference immediately. Simply place it next to a suit jacket and take a look and feel.

As a note, I am talking in generalities. There are some cotton blend, even ‘rugged’, suits out there with jackets that can be paired with jeans; although, most suits are not like that.

Where Do I Get This Blazer?

At the lower price point, you can find blazers to go with jeans at Zara, All Saints, TopMan and other fast fashion resources. Obviously, I don’t recommend cheapy stores unless you are petite since these stores run small. If you are not a small fellow, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Bonobos, Scotch and Soda and other forward driven lines produce these “jean” blazers. I recently put BOSS orange’s Beneslim blazer on a client as well as Ted Baker’s modern fit Birds’s Eye blazer. They are the perfect weight and I love the texture of the two. I also like Bonobos khaki ‘Foundation’ blazer for your lighter looks.

So… How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans?

If your blazer is really fashion forward, feel free to pair it with a t-shirt, jeans, and stylish sneakers or lean boots. The blazers I have recommended are cool, but not particularly edgy, so I pair them with long sleeve button front sport shirts and dress shirts. I prefer the shirt tucked in, but as long as your shirt is shorter than your blazer, you can also leave your shirt untucked, as shown in the BOSS image. Then you pair this look with boots or more casual and stylish dress shoes. Pictured above is one of the many blazer looks I created for a client this week.

how to wear a blazer with jeans

Ted Baker $348

jeans with a blazer

Bonobos $295

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BOSS $445

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