About V-Style

personal stylist for men

I was born and raised in San Jose, California before moving to San Diego to get my Costume Design degree in Theatre and Film. In 2005, I began styling for editorials and television programs starring the likes of Eric Dane, Robert Buckley, Joe Manganiello and Tony Hawk. Since then I have expanded into commercials, editorials and catalogue shoots, but my main focus is personal styling. As a personal stylist, I adore the diversity of my clients and the authentic difference I can make in their lives.

In 2007, I created V-Style to deliver supplemental consulting to my female clients and the average style seeking woman. Since then I have had numerous male clients ask for the same resource. One even begged. He explained to me that there are no relevant fashion blogs for him to read. He had a point and as one of the only personal stylists for men in San Diego, I am aware of the lack of assistance available to the average gentleman.

I write this blog with the same intent that I have for my business. I am passionate in protecting my clients from the pretension, waste, and lies pushed on men by hungry sales associates and unrealistic media sources. I value truth and joy more than anything, and I believe personal style is exactly that, personal. There is no trend or brand that fits all.