What Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes

what sock to wear with brown shoes


I only put black dress shoes on a man about 25% of the time. Sometimes less because brown and tan shoes are always a more chic, friendly and fun choice. Plus, brown shoes compliment more outfits and pant colors than black dress shoes.

All my clients love the transition to the brown dress shoe lifestyle until it comes time to pick the right sock.  It is difficult to know what socks to wear with brown shoes, especially because they are often being paired with unexpected pant colors like navy and grey. Whereas black dress shoes paired with back slacks simply need black socks, you can’t just put brown socks with brown shoes and then throw in some navy slacks. Why? Because black is always black, there is no dark black and light black, but brown is never the same color. You have dark brown, darker brown, light brown, lighter brown, tan and more. This would not be a big deal if stores had an array of brown socks to go with the different hues of brown shoes, but for some reason stores have an endless selection of beige instead. I hate pairing beige socks with brown shoes. Beige is not really a nice color in general and beige socks look like old panties have Saran Wrapped your feet. Before I discuss the alternative, lets talk about the basic sock rules.

The ‘How To Know What Color Socks To Wear Rules’ are as follows…

  1. Pick a sock that matches or compliments the color of your shoe.
  2. Pick a sock that matches or compliments the color of your pants.
  3. Pick a sock that matches the color of your shirt or tie, and is in contrast to the color of your pants and shoes. AKA the sock that pops.
  4. Pick a patterned sock that incorporates both the color of the pant as well as the shoe. (My Favorite.)

With these rules in mind, I have created a collection of the most needed socks for a brown or tan shoe owner. Most socks listed below will be beautiful with any color pant as long as they match your brown shoes. Some are labeled if they are for a particular color of pant.

Calvin Klein $12

Calvin Klein $12

socks for brown shoes

Happy Socks $!2

what socks to wear with brown shoes

Pantherella $28.50

brown socks for brown shoes

Paul Smith $30

socks to go with brown shoes and grey slacks

Boss $17

medium brown socks to go with brown dress shoes

Nordstrom $16.50

socks to go with brown shoes and grey slacks

Ralph Lauren $14 (best with grey slacks)

socks to go with brown shoe and grey slacks

Paul Smith $30

What socks to wear with brown shoes and navy slacks

Calibrate $12.50 (best with navy slacks)

socks to go with navy pants and brown shoes

Alexander McQueen $80


  • Kayleigh says:

    I guess finding useful, reliable inmrofation on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  • Antonymous says:

    Aw, yeah, I know socks and shoes have to match and I like matching browns.I know it’s tricky but not that they have to match exactly, I own some pairs of brown socks. They don’t match brown socks perfectly, but they compliment them and still create a good continuity with the ankle.
    And I didn’t think it was different with blue pants, isn’t the guy in the first pic still matching his shoes and socks :)?

  • Chuck says:

    Excellent article – thanks for this. I have a ton of brown shoes and …. uh…..tan socks. What’s with the lack of brown variety? You’re great thanks Vanessa.

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