Best Graphic Tees For Grown Men – AKA T-Shirts That Aren’t Dumb

best graphic tees for men

Banana Republic $35 $27.97

The graphic t-shirt can be the hardest purchase for a grown man. The selection out there ranges from product placement (Drink Coke!) to softcore porn (Boobs!). It’s a dangerous territory with all the advertising, booze affiliation, and female forms covering most t-shirts sold to men. Whenever I bring up a graphic t-shirt with my clients, I can see the fear or hesitation on their faces immediately. It is a well-earned fear. Graphic t-shirts typically suck.

Best Graphic Tees For Men, aka Graphic T-Shirts That Aren’t Dumb

When I am shopping for a male client in a physical store, I can never find more than one or two graphic t-shirts that don’t have all the aforementioned nonsense. Online shopping is the only way I can find plentiful graphic tees that are actually interesting, flattering, and suitable for an adult. And since online shopping is how we all shop now, this works out.

As I mentioned, a dumb graphic t-shirt tends to promote booze, outrageous brands, and half-naked women. I am also not a fan of all those skulls. As my clients already know, these types of graphics can make you look unsuccessful in life, personally and professionally. These immature t-shirts are so prevalent, many of my older clients don’t even realize an alternative exists. When I reveal that inoffensive graphic t-shirts do in fact exist, it’s like telling my clients black licorice is delicious. My clients trust me implicitly, but some of them give me a look like, “We’ll see.” Yes, you will! Just scroll down.

Best Graphic T-Shirt Brands

As I said above, online shopping is the way to go to find the best graphic tees for men. I’ve shared the best graphic tees I’ve found below, but in case you’re wanting to do any of your own browsing, these are some of my go-to brands and stores for cool graphic tees that are flattering and suitable for adults.

You’re Not Too Old For A Graphic T-Shirt

The other issue I run into when discussing graphic t-shirts with my male clients is the “too old” defense.  They ask me, “Am I too old to wear a graphic t-shirt?” As long as there isn’t a childish graphic on your t-shirt, no, you are not too old to wear one. It’s not about age, it’s about the occasion. Should a 40-year-old man wear a graphic t-shirt to a nice restaurant? No. Neither should a 16-year-old boy. Can a 40-year-old man wear a graphic t-shirt to go axe-throwing? Absolutely. You can wear one to the gym, running errands, the beach, and lunch at casual venues. Your casual wardrobe will benefit from some fresh graphics. So at what age should you stop wearing graphic tees? Never! As long as you find the right ones…

Flag & Anthem Surfer Burnout Tee

graphic t shirts for older men

Flag & Anthem $29.50 $23.60

Banana Republic Graphic T-Shirt (Rich Earth)

best graphic tees for men

Banana Republic $35 $17.50

Old Navy Soft-Washed Graphic T-Shirt for Men

graphic t shirts for older men

Old Navy $14 $10

Banana Republic Camera Drawing Graphic T-Shirt

best graphic tees for men

Banana Republic $35 $17.50

Sol Angeles Noir Waves Logo Graphic Tee

Lucky Brand USA Flag Graphic Tee

This tee is available at Nordstrom, Zappos, Lucky Brand, Amazon, and Dillard’s.

Banana Republic Graphic T-Shirt (Frosted Caramel)

best graphic t shirts for men

Banana Republic $35 $17.50

Tentree Vintage Sunset T-Shirt

graphic t shirts for older men

Tentree $40 $28

This tee is available at Tentree, Buckle, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

prAna Men’s Tree Hugger Journeyman Graphic Tee

best graphic tees for men

prAna $35

Prana Wolf Pack Journeyman Tee

graphic t-shirts for men

Prana $35

Marine Layer Sport Performance Sun Graphic Tee

Banana Republic Globe Graphic T-Shirtbest graphic tees for men

San Diego Seed Company Straight Outta Compost T-Shirts

Best Graphic Tees For Men From Years Past

I originally wrote this post years ago and update it regularly due to its popularity. I’ve left these photos below for nostalgic purposes. Whenever I update older posts, I love to hold on to a collection of images as a bit of a time capsule so we can watch how our style evolves.

Banana Republic Bike Sketch Eco T-Shirt

graphic t shirts for me

Banana Republic $29.99 $11.99

REI Co-op Multi Print T-Shirt

graphic t-shirts

REI $34.95 $24.93

Banana Republic Elephant Logo Eco T-Shirt

graphic tshirts for men

Banana Republic $29.99 $11.99

Banana Republic Lighthouse Eco T-Shirt

best graphic t shirts for men

Banana Republic $29.99 $11.99

Banana Republic Moon Sea Eco T-Shirt

graphic tees

Banana Republic $29.99 $11.99

Patagonia Live Simply Home Organic Cotton Graphic Tee

This t-shirt is available at Nordstrom and REI.

J.Crew Sailboat graphic tee

graphic t-shirts for men

J.Crew $29.50 $11.50

J.Crew “Rock lobster” tee

graphic t-shirts

J.Crew $29.50 $8.50

Banana Republic Sound Apparatus Graphic T-Shirt

comfy graphic tees for men

Banana Republic $29.99 $23.98

Lucky Brand Gambling Skull Tee

graphic t-shirts

Lucky Brand $29.50 $26.55

tentree Vintage Sunset 3.25 Long Sleeve

graphic t-shirts

tentree $42 $34.99

Lucky Brand Guinness Tee

1901 Surf Wave Graphic Tee

graphic t-shirts for men

1901 $35

Madewell Cactus Moon Graphic Allday Crewneck Tee

Linksoul LS798 The Local

graphic t-shirts

Linksoul $34.95

tentree Nomad Short Sleeve Tee

graphic t-shirts for men

tentree $36 $32.99

This t-shirt is available at Zappos and Backcountry.

Sol Angeles Catamaran Cotton Graphic V-Neck Tee

REI Co-op Desert Sun Tech T-Shirt

graphic t-shirts

REI $34.95

REI Co-op Force of Nature T-Shirt

graphic t-shirts

REI $29.95

Sol Angeles ‘SOS’ Pocket T-Shirt

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