What To Wear Working From Home: Men’s Lounge Wear

I am an expert in working from home style. My clients have been hiring me for a decade to get them out of their pajamas and into comfortable, stylish lounge clothes that make them feel “not gross,” as they spend 40 hours a week a short stroll away from their unmade bed. Some of you are just getting a taste of what it means to really work from home. For some, the beginning is liberating. You don’t have to get dressed for work?! How efficient is that? For others, it is almost immediately confusing, if not disappointing. Some of you quite literally only own pajamas and office clothes. In the first week, you may have gone through all your go-to casual clothes and now need to either do emergency laundry, or dive into the questionable garments in the back of your closet. Who is wearing a promotional tee as we “speak”? Who is in workout wear as you read this? Let’s change that.

What Not To Wear Working From Home

I think I have already implied it, but I am going to tell you right now that spending an entire day in pajamas will depress you. Going from pajamas to workout wear and then back to pajamas, will also do some damage to your psyche. To keep your spirits lifted and your personal style intact, you need to create a “Working From Home Style”. It can definitely be comprised of stretchy materials and men’s lounge clothes, but they need to be intentional choices. It is my personal mission in life to have your wardrobe make your day better than before you got dressed.

What To Wear Working From Home

What to wear working from home is all about comfortable clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. If you’re struggling with what that means, here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing comfy clothes: would you feel comfortable going out in public in it? If your standards for public dress are quite high, ask this question instead: would you feel completely comfortable opening the front door to accept a delivery in this outfit? If you only have a few comfortable garments that pass these tests, then you’re going to need to stock up on better home wear. Browse below to find stretchy, attractive men’s lounge clothes for your home office.

What To Wear Working From Home While Using Zoom or Skype

Not everyone can slide by in comfortable casual clothes when they are telecommuting. Some of you need to look professional in your daily Zoom meetings. Perhaps the answer is obvious, but in these cases, you want to pair your usual work tops with deliciously comfortable pants. But don’t just pair your work top with your sweat pants — actually make an outfit out of it. The easiest look is pairing your work shirts with stretchy jeans, like the ones I featured in my Best Men’s Colored Jeans post. The other option is to check out the comfortable pants I have recommended below. I am sure some of the pants pictured will pair well with some of your more casual work shirts.

Topman Slub Roller T-Shirt

men's lounge clothes

Topman $20

Club Monaco Scuba Piqué Sport Coat

men's lounge clothes

Club Monaco $198.50 $119.10

Alo Lounge Moto Jogger

men's lounge clothes

Alo $108

Topman Long Sleeve Mock Neck T-Shirt

mens lounge clothes

Topman $30 $17.98

Topman Herringbone Skinny Fit Jogger Pants

men's lounge clothes

Topman $50 $27.49

1901 Shawl Collar Fleece Cardigan

men's lounge clothes

1901 $75

Prana Vaha Pant

men's lounge clothes

Prana $79

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley

mens lounge clothes

Good Man Brand $98 $48.98

Nike Dry Fleece Pants 3/4 Hyper Dry

men's lounge clothes

Nike $65 $45.50

Topman Ottoman Sweatshirt

men's lounge clothes

Topman $45 $30.15

Etsy Evergreen Drawstring Pants/ Hemp and Tencel

men's lounge clothes

Etsy $103

Everlane The Twill Sweatshirt

men's lounge clothes

Everlane $48 $36

Publish Sprinter Jogger Pants

Rodd & Gunn Wallingford Bomber Jacket

men's lounge clothes

Rodd & Gunn $448 $268.80

Everlane The Performance 5-Pocket Pant

men's lounge clothes

Everlane $72 $54

Peter Millar Thermal Henley

AG Adriano Goldschmied Kenji Joggers

men's lounge clothes

AG $178

Rodd & Gunn Oak St Hoodie

Ugg Gifford Pajama Pants

men's lounge clothes

Ugg $85

Faherty Regular Fit Stretch Oxford Shirt

men's lounge clothes

Faherty $118 $88.50

Faherty Stretch Terry 5-Pocket Pants

men's lounge clothes

Faherty $148 $111

Rodd & Gunn Oak St Hoodie

Banana Republic Vintage 100% Cotton Henley T-Shirt

Publish Legacy Jogger Pant

Rodd & Gunn Skipjack Pass Quilted Fleece Jacket

Tommy John Second Skin Lounge Pants


  • Mark says:

    Nice article!

    I love joggers. They’re very comfortable. I have been looking for new ways to style my joggers. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Stay cool and safe!


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