Dressy T-Shirts You Can Wear With Slacks + Jeans

Dressy T-shirts are for men, not boys. I tend to dress men, so you all are going to love this if you have a job outside of hard labor and in front of people. I should also mention that dressy t-shirts look best on a relatively in shape body.

What Are Dressy T-Shirts?

The second you put on one of these t-shirts, you will notice it is not your average t-shirt. First of all, they’re a teensy bit shiny. Not shiny-shiny, but they have a sophisticated sheen reminiscent of a collared shirt’s luster. Don’t be scared of it.

You will also notice that they’re thicker — and stronger — than your average t-shirt.  They are also more expensive, but unlike $200 designer celebrity tees, you can actually feel the cost in the fabric of dressy t-shirts. You will certainly notice the price tag in the fit, as they fit you very well.

How To Wear Dressy T-Shirts Casually

You can pair a dressy t-shirt with nice jeans and nice sneakers, or everyday boots. Feel free to throw on a casual jacket. They also look especially good with leather jackets. You just don’t want to pair a dressy t-shirt with worn out shorts. It will make your shorts look extra sad, or your shirt look overdone. It also doesn’t look good with distressed denim, flip-flops, and sweatpants. Yes, it is a t-shirt, but it’s a dressy t-shirt. You wear it when you want to step up your game, not to play soccer.

Note: Dress it up for a date or a night out, by pairing it with jeans and one of the blazers listed below. You will be man-fabulous. It’s a term I made up to indicate fabulosity in a man that impresses women.

How To Wear A Dressy T-Shirt To Work

Okay, it is time to take the dressy t-shirt to work. How exciting. Most work environments are more casual than yesteryear, so many people are wearing chinos or 5-pocket pants to work versus slacks. This is where the dressy t-shirt shines, metaphorically and literally (but not that shiny, don’t worry.) To pull off the dressy t-shirt business casual look, tuck about an inch of the shirt into the front of your pants above your belt, and you are done. Do not tuck the shirt all the way in, but don’t leave it hanging out. Finish the look with a more casual Oxford shoe and a more casual blazer. Here are my three favorite blazers to pair with dressy t-shirts right now…

  1. Rodd + Gunn Regular Fit Sport Coat (Runs big)
  2. Good Man Brand Slim Fit Vintage Knit Sport Coat (Runs true to size)
  3. Ted Baker London Rhino Slim Fit Sport Coat with Insert

Note: For those who can wear denim to the office, pairing your dressy t-shirt with jeans and one of these blazers looks casually powerful.

How To Dress It Up

Dressy t-shirts can pair with slim-fitting stylish suits. Picture a wayyyyyyyy updated version of Miami Vice. Way updated, and less summery. Pair with dress sneakers or modern dress shoes and you are good to go to a party.

How To Wash Dressy T-Shirts

Some are tempted to dry clean them because they are so nice. You don’t need to. After all, it is a t-shirt. But you certainly can and will probably like the result. The instructions say to hand wash and line dry. The truth is you can definitely machine wash them if your washing machine does not have an agitator —  just use cold water. Then you can line dry. If you dry them, do expect them to shrink, and wear down more quickly. They may even lose their shape as the dryer does this to most items. If you are particularly concerned about washing them, turn your dressy t-shirt inside out and then put it in a laundry mesh bag before washing.

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