How To Wear Tan Jeans


Paige ‘Federal Transcend’ Jeans $199

After blue jeans, tan jeans are one of the most versatile pairs of pants you can own. The key to its versatility is getting the perfect shade of tan. It can’t be too dark, too orange, or too brown. Pictured above, the Paige ‘Federal Transcend’ Jeans in ‘Fennel Seed’ is exactly the color you need for the highest versatility. As for the fit, this pant is for men with leaner thighs who adore comfort. You will think you crawled into a pair of pajamas when you put them on.

What Shoes Do I Wear With Tan Jeans?

tan jeans

Timberland ‘Wodehouse Lost History’ Boot $299

Tan jeans are inherently causal. With this in mind, you will be wearing sneakers and slightly to very rugged boots in these colors: green, brown, black and navy.

Shoes Styles To Skip: Loafers and dress shoes.

Shoes Colors to Skip: Orange, tan, light grey, and white (contrary to the image at the top of the post).

What Shirts Do I Wear With Tan Jeans?

tan jeans

Velvet ‘Bronson’ Heathered Long Sleeve Tee $138

This shade of tan pairs well with so many different colors from navy and green to black, burgundy, and darker grey. I recommend wearing casual button fronts, t-shirts, casual sweaters and long sleeve tees.

Shirt Styles To Skip: Crisp button fronts.

Shirt Colors To Skip: Orange, tan, light grey, pastels and bright white.

What Outerwear Do I Wear With Tan Jeans?


Michael Kors Leather Jacket $795 $532.65

Obviously your outerwear depends on the shoes and shirt you have chosen to wear with the tan jeans, but a good rule of thumb is to match the color of your outerwear to your shoes: dark brown shoes = dark brown jacket. As for the the style, it should be more casual, like a leather jacket, bomber jacket, or a zip-up sweater.

Outerwear Styles To Skip: Most blazers, trench coats, and preppy peacoats.

Outerwear Colors To Skip: Orange, tan, light grey, pastels, and white.

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