Best Summer Shoes For Men

mens tennis sneaker

Cole Haan $130

Summer shoes can be a battle for a grown gentleman. You have to toe that balance between boy and old man so carefully. I even have clients who refuse to wear shorts for fear of an adolescent look. Then I have clients who look like they just came back from a skate park, although there are less of those then the prior example. Most of my clients are just running around in gym shoes. Knowing this, I take great pleasure in putting clients in the right ‘Man Sneaker’ as I call them. Sometimes I call them ‘Dressy Sneakers.’ Whatever you want to call them, here are the best summer shoes for men right now. You’re welcome.

Sperry ‘Wahoo’ LTT Sneaker

mens lace ups

Sperry $54.95

Spray is a reliable source for summer shoes. I particularly like the Sperry ‘Wahoo’ LTT Sneaker grey sneakers.

Bottoms To Pair It With: Blue jeans, grey shorts, light green pants/shorts, and khaki shorts/pants.

1901 ‘Venice’ Perforated Suede Slip-On

summer shoes for men

1901 $79.95

These 1901 ‘Venice’ Perforated Suede Slip-Ons are specifically for shorts for the most part. If you want to pair them with navy, I prefer the navy color of the ‘Griffin’ short by AG in nocturnal.

Short Colors To Pair With It: Certain blues, khaki/tan, grey and light green.

Paul Smith ‘Miyata’ Lace-Up Sneaker

sneakers for summer

Paul Smith $253 $164

I absolutely love these Paul Smith ‘Miyata’ Lace-Up Sneaker. My client’s have had an issue with the length of the leather laces.  Feel free to stuff them into the tongue or have the cobbler cut it down a bit.

Bottoms To Pair With It: These go with jeans and shorts. Color wise, you can do light to medium blue jeans, any shade of green, brown, cream and tan.

ECCO ‘Enrico’ Sneaker

mens lace up sneaker

ECCO $159.95

Ecco stepped it up a bunch of notches on the cool factor with this ‘Enrico’ Sneaker. I love how it works well with slim jeans and shorts.

Bottoms To Pair With It: Blue jeans, light grey, burgundy, cream, and tan jeans.

Cole Haan ‘GrandPro’ Tennis Sneaker

This Cole Haan ‘GrandPro’ Tennis Sneaker in burgundy (“cordovan”) is not an obviously versatile color, but I adore the unique shade and it looks awesome when done right.

Short Colors To Pair With It: You can pair it with blue jeans as well as jeans/shorts in these colors: tan, olive green, black, light grey and khaki/tan.

Creative Recreation ‘Masella’ Sneaker

These Creative Recreation ‘Masella’ Sneakers are for you cool guys and is best paired with casual pants and jeans, not shorts.

Jean Colors To Pair With It: Medium blue, black, and burgundy.

 J&M 1850 ‘Allister’ Sneaker

best sneaker for men

J&M 1850 $145 $99.99

This grey J&M 1850 ‘Allister’ Sneaker is a client favorite with its comfort and classic looks. It is especially great if there is a lot of grey in your shirts. You can wear it with jeans or shorts.

Bottoms To Pair With It: Light to medium blue jeans, cream, and light blue.

Cole Haan ‘GrandPro’ Tennis Sneaker

This Cole Haan ‘GrandPro’ Tennis Sneaker in ‘grey oiled suede’ is awesome. Seriously, Cole Haan finally learned how to make cool sneakers. It can go with jeans and shorts.

Bottoms To Pair With It: Light blue, light to medium grey, dark tan, and light green.

1901 ‘Duvall’ Slip-On

summer shoes

1901 $79.95

You would think this is just the same as the light blue loafer above, but it is not. There are subtle differences on this 1901 ‘Duvall’ Slip-On. The color is very useful for your earthy looks and khaki shorts.

Short Colors To Pair With It: Dark brown, cream, any shade of green, and light khaki/tan.

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