Best Dress Shirts For Men With Narrow Shoulders

Most of my clients come to me because they do not have, what I call, an “off the rack” body type. Meaning, without specific direction, he cannot just walk into a store, grab a shirt and know it will fit him well. Obviously, there are so many different shirt ‘fits’ like classic, regular, fitted, trim fit, slim fit, extra slim fit; so anyone would struggle blindly reaching for a shirt and having it look bespoke, but you know where I am going with this.

Best Dress Shirts For Men With Narrow Shoulders

One of the main male body types that I am consistently dressing are the fellas with narrow shoulders. This is one of the hardest, if not the hardest body types to dress because you cannot tailor the shoulders of a shirt. The shoulder width must be perfect. This eliminates most dress shirts for men with narrow shoulders, but not all. I have three go-to designers that fit and flatter men with narrow shoulders: Armani Collezioni, Paul SmithTheory, and Eton’s Slim Fit dress shirts.

How Do I Know If I have Narrow Shoulders?

The easiest giveaway that you have narrow shoulders is the bagginess in the shoulders of the shirts that you currently own. Do you find that the shoulder seam is always dropping off your shoulder? Is there a lot of room in the bicep area? Do you feel like there is not much difference in size between the span of your chest and the width of your shoulders? If so, try these shirts and let me know if you’ve finally found the right fit for your shoulders.

shirts for men with narrow shoulders

Eton $176.90

mens shirts for narrow shoulders

Eton $176.90

dress shirt for narrow shoulders

Eton $265

mens trim fit dress shirt

Theory $165

slim fit button down shirt

Eton $285

slim fit dress shirt

Eton $176.90

mens slim fit button up shirt

Eton $176.90

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