Suit With Sweater + Sweater With Jeans

As long as you’re in a climate that’s below 70° F, a sweater works year round. You can pair it with jeans, chinos, slacks, and a suit. I especially love pairing a sweater with a suit. The suit with sweater look is fresh and relaxed. So few people wear it, yet it’s very appropriate. I just put a lawyer in this look, and we all know that a law office is one of the most conservative work environments. But before I show you how to wear a sweater with a suit, let’s make sure you have the right sweater first.

The Best Sweater To Wear With A Suit

The best sweaters to wear with a suit are crew neck to avoid the Miami Vice vibe. It should also be lightweight and high quality with a bit of a sheen to compliment the similar texture and weight of a suit. Lastly, it needs to be on the shorter side. You don’t want it to go more than two inches past the waist of your pants. If it goes longer, it will look sloppy and unflattering. This type of sweater goes with slacks and chinos as well, but you can also wear a v-neck with those two types of pants without inspiring nostalgia. To summarize, here are the four criteria for the suit with sweater look:

  1. Crew neck
  2. High Quality
  3. Lightweight
  4. Short

How To Wear A Suit With Sweater

Now that you have the right sweater, you need the right suit. The best ones for the suit with sweater look are made of a wool blend with a matte texture, almost like a tweed. You don’t want a shiny or summery suit with a sweater. My favorite suit to put with a sweater is the Boss Houndstooth Wool Suit in the open grey color.

How To Wear A Sweater With Jeans & Casual Pants

When pairing a sweater with jeans, or other more casual pants, you have more freedom. You can wear a casual Oxford shoe boot or a dressy sneaker. Just skip shiny pointy toe dress shoes, sandals, or running shoes. When it comes to the belt, it can add weight or look lumpy under the sweater, so I say, “skip it.”  If you prefer to wear a belt, make sure it matches your shoes in color and weight, then tuck just a pinch of your sweater into your pants — but don’t tuck it all in. That’s uncool.

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