Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Baby, it’s cold outside. Your usual short sleeve t-shirt probably isn’t cutting it. Or perhaps you are a San Diego fella who doesn’t like jackets, in which case a long sleeve t-shirt is just right. For all you living in non-temperate climates, you’re looking for that long sleeve t-shirt to begin the layering process. Either way, here you go!

Rodd & Gunn Atley Road Regular Fit Raglan Shirt

This Rodd & Gunn Atley Road Regular Fit Raglan Shirt is soft and fits yummy. This shirt is available at Nordstrom and Rodd & Gunn.

Sizing Tip: Works great for medium to shorter torsos.

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley

This Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley comes in so many wonderful colors. I also love this mix of a raglan sleeve with a henley collar. You definitely don’t have this shirt. (Unless you bought it already— congrats!)

Sizing Tip: As you can see on the model, it rides high on taller fellas if you size down for a tighter fit. Opt for a looser fit (as you can see below).

Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley

I just had to show you one of the other colors of this Good Man Brand Slim Fit Henley. No one is wearing enough Burgundy.

Robert Barakett Halifax Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

I love the double layer look of this Robert Barakett Halifax Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt. My goal is to bring you long sleeve t-shirts that are most likely not in your closet already. I know this one is not. Well, unless you already own it. In that case, how much are you loving it?

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Boss Tenison Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

men's long sleeve t-shirts

Boss $98

I am a big fan of the durable fabric and sexy fit of Boss’s long sleeve t-shirts. I love that this Boss Tenison Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt is thick enough to hide chest hair and nipples.

Sizing Tip: Great for taller torsos. If it’s too long, you can hem it.

Rodd & Gunn Maitlands T-Shirt

I love the light grey of this Rodd & Gunn Maitlands T-Shirt. Note, this is not great for men who have light grey hair. It makes you look more grey, aka older. This shirt is available at Nordstrom and Rodd & Gunn.

Sizing Tip: It’s great for longer torsos. If it’s too long for you, you can hem it very easily.

W.R.K Spruce Slim Fit Henley

men's long sleeve t-shirts

W.R.K $98

Mix it up with this mini henley v-neck collar. I also love the olive green of this W.R.K Spruce Slim Fit Henley.

Sizing Tip: This is for medium to taller fellas. Of course you could hem the length and sleeves, but I find the henley doesn’t fit right on those below 5’10”.

Travis Mathew Renner Regular Fit T-Shirt

My clients have been loving the Travis Mathew tees and I am loving the medium grey, almost blue, of this Travis Mathew Renner Regular Fit T-Shirt . This shirt is available at Nordstrom and Zappos.

Sizing Tip: This is a regular fit so it is for the bigger and taller fellas. Unless you like the looser fit, then hem that length away.

Robert Barakett Flatrock Regular Fit V-Neck T-Shirt

I love the burgundy and sturdiness of this Robert Barakett Flatrock Regular Fit V-Neck T-Shirt. And of course, I love the shallowness of this v-neck. We don’t need chest hair coming out of a plunging v-neck.

Sizing Tip: Runs large and shorter. Fits medium to shorter guys well.

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