How Skinny Should My Tie Be?

how skinny should my tie be

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Whether it is for professional purposes or party time, the width of your tie depends on the width of you. Kind of like a 5′ 9″ woman can wear an aline skirt and look sexy, and a 5-foot woman can wear a mini skirt and look conservative. Unless of course you have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to women’s height and their skirts. Bad analogy?

How Skinny Should My Tie Be?

Short answer: a 2.5-inch tie is generally a good width for a skinny tie. If that feels a bit too slim for you, 2.75 to 3-inches is a perfect modern width for a tie. Refer to the chart below for quick assistance.

When Is A Skinny Tie Too Skinny?

The more petite you are, the skinnier your tie can be. The wider you are the more ridiculous a 1.5-inch skinny tie will appear on you. I think we can agree Joesph Gordon Levitt above is wearing too skinny a tie. He is 5′ 9″ with a 40-inch or so chest and probably wearing a 1.5 inch tie in the image. Although it can be a fun look, it is also very trendy and most of my clients want to look modern, not trendy.

How Wide Is Too Wide for A Tie?

The bigger fellas win here. You may even be able to wear all those 3.5-inch wide ties that no one else can wear from days of ‘yore. If a small guy wears a 3.5-inch tie it will look like an ascot, napkin, or a costume tie from the 1940’s or, hell, the 1990’s. The wider you are, the wider your tie can be. Again, the chart below will help you, but generally a 4-inch tie is too wide.

Where To Buy Skinny Ties for Tall Men?

Your tie should hover just above your belt buckle, but when you are a tall gentleman that can be a bit difficult when a standard tie runs about 60-inches long. Thankfully there are many brands that sell skinny ties for tall men including Michael Kors, and Nordstrom. Tall ties run about 64-inches. As I am sure you aware, those few extra inches can make a big difference.

how skinny should my tie be

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