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best fitting shirt

John Varvatos $58.80

Perhaps making a sorta pun on a pre-teen girl book turned movie is the wrong way to go, but the reference is solid. There is a brand of shirts out there that just seems to fit every man between a 36 – 48 chest. Every male client of mine within that chest size range has at least one John Varvatos Star USA casual button front shirt. It seems practically illogical for so many body types to fit into one type of fit, but it is true. Their size range of small to XXL will have a shirt for you.

What Makes It The Best Fitting Shirt?

As you may know, a tailor can take in a shirt, or hem a shirt, but a tailor can do nothing for your shoulder seams. If a seam is too far past your shoulder or too far in, the shirt is done, it is not yours, you should not own it. As you can see in the picture above, the shoulder seam stops right when his shoulder curves down into his arm. That is the correct fit. Other fit flaws that cannot be fixed is the folding of the shirt fabric between your armpit and your chest. If you have excess fabric there, it means your shoulders are too muscular for the shirt. (You also may have bad posture.)

This is the main reason Varvatos’ casual button front shirts are so magical. It seems to fit everyone’s shoulders. Sure we have had to take in the sides and/or add darts to the back for the lean wasted fellas, but the shoulder fit is fantastic.

Lastly, he offers different fits from Extra Trim Fit and Slim Fit to Regular Fit. I usually put the Slim Fit (pictured) on my clients, but if that doesn’t work on you for some unmagical reason, try the extra trim fit or regular fit.

What Else Is Good About This Best Fitting Shirt?

The fabric of the John Varvatos casual button front shirt is soft and, well, casual. But not too casual. It is diversely casual. You can easily tuck one of his shirts into your chinos and wear it to work, but you can also throw it on with jeans and wear it untucked if the shirt is not too long on you. (Reminder: you can hem shirts that are too long for you so you can wear them untucked with jeans.)

Varvatos also has mastered the stylish and unique plaid. If you are going to do plaid, do Varvatos. He often uses unique color pairings in his plaids like grey and purple, green and black, red and grey and more.

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