Printed Collared Shirts – No Stripes, No Plaid

mens personal stylist
mens personal stylist

1901 $38.70

If you want printed collared shirts you get to choose between plaid or plaid, and stripes or stripes. Obviously, there are more prints out there, but men’s clothing does tend to gorge on a bunch of lines. Thankfully there are some brands that consistently come out with non-plaid, and non-striped prints.


This highly affordable line is a Nordstrom brand that specializes in ‘cool’ collared button fronts. You’ll enjoy the the ease of the casual fabrics and the unique stamp of their prints.

personal stylist for men

Paul Smith $255

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is the ultimate go to for subtly cool prints. It is a British brand with the approval of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. It tends to fit men who were not given wider shoulders, but don’t let the men that model the shirts cheat you into thinking its for frail fellas. These shirts read masculine in its simplicity and the cut makes room for a little belly. The prints are often small, the details are impeccable and the fabric feels great against your skin.

personal stylist men

Wallin & Bros $69.50

Wallin & Bros

Wallin & Bros is another Nordstrom brand with a casual instinct and a playful attitude. They tend to run a teensy bit big, so order a size down if in between sizes.

personal stylist for men

Zachary Prell $238

Zachary Prell 

Zachary prell is a New York born brand with a cut that fits a lot of my clients. They often put out innovative styles and interesting prints. They also have a more unique and detailed take on the usual plaids.

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