Best Purple Dress Shirts Right Now

Boss $125

Boss (sharp fit) $125

So many of my clients are tired of wearing blue. Yes, blue looks amazing on everyone, but having a closet full of blue is frustrating and mundane. One of my favorite colors to diversify a man’s closet is purple. It’s fresh and feisty, yet masculine. Listed below are my favorite purple dress shirts I have put on my clients.

Directly above is the Boss purple checkered shirt. This is by far the darkest purple on this list. The fit is called the ‘Sharp fit’ which means it is a trim fit, but it is actually quite roomy for a trim fit.

best purple dress shirts

Boss $125

This textured lavender Boss is also a ‘Sharp fit’ (trim, but has room for a bit of a belly and some muscles). I love that the texture is almost like a micro polka dot print.

best mens purple dress shirts

Nordstrom $49.50

This Nordstrom checkered shirt is fantastic and is available for three different body types. They have it in a Trim Fit, which is modern and slim, but not super slim. Then they have it in the Traditional Fit, which is for the fellas with some muscles and a bit of belly. Lastly they have the Classic Fit is for the fellas with big arms and a belly.

best mens purple dress shirts

Ted Baker $98.50

This micro stripe Ted Baker dress shirt is my absolute favorite on this list today. I adore the thin vertical stripes as well as the fit. The Ted Baker Endurance shirts are a fantastic go-to dress shirt for my clients.

best mens purple dress shirts

Armani Collezioni $225

My clients with a bit of a leaner build adore the Armani Collezioni dress shirts. Again, I love the mini-vertical stripes on this shirt. This one has a lighter weight fabric than the shirts above it, so many clients like it especially for summer.

mens purple dress shirts

John Varvatos Micro Check Slim Fit $98 $73.50

As usual Varvatos does it right with this micro check slim fit dress shirt. It’s a slim fit, bit I find many of my clients fit into it nicely. It’s not too slim.

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