Can I Wear A Leaf Print Shirt?

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Ted Baker (Modern Slim Fit – Great for Most Men.) $175 $70

You know the drill on men’s prints. You get your pick of stripes, checks and plaids, but you don’t get much else. When diversity is a rarity you can’t help but get excited when something different comes along, like leaves. I love a leaf print shirt on a man and the stores are currently providing. Think of it as way cooler paisley. Actually, forget I said paisley. It stands on it’s own – The Leaf Print.

Which Leaf Print Shirt Do I Buy?

Obviously, I am providing you with my favorite leaf prints available right now. Pictured above is my absolute top pick for a leaf print shirt, the Ted Baker ‘Organix’. Clients adore it. It is labeled as a navy, but it is a chameleon. It’s more of a washed out black, so feel free to wear it as a navy or a black, aka pair it with black shoes and belt, or tan shoes and belt. Beyond my top pick, pictured below, is a series of different leaf prints that will work with different body types. The extra trim fit is for the most petite and lean men. The modern slim fit is the best bet for most of my clients’ body types. The Bugatchi leaf print shirt will be best for very muscular or heavier men.

When Do I Wear A Leaf Print Shirt?

The leaf print shirt is not for work. It is for play. The long sleeve collared shirts are for dinner out, drinks at a nice bar and nicer fun occasions, day or night. The short sleeve collared leaf print shirts are for day time fun or casual nights out at a diver bar or a movie. The leaf print sweater is quite versatile. Throw it on for day or night: brunch, movies, scabby bars, nicer bars, whatever you like.

Is The Leaf Print Shirt Too Trendy for Me?

No. The leaf print shirts that I have recommend here are fun and unique, so it won’t date you and make you look like you are trying too hard. There are cheesy, trendy and bad leaf prints out there (I am looking at you Tommy Bahama), but if you stick with the ones I have listed here, you are clear for launch. They work with any age and any fella who enjoys fashion. Only those with a more conservative style should skip it. This is for the fellas who want to have a bit of fun with their style.

personal stylist for men

Ted Baker (Modern Fitted Look – Not Too Slim) $159

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Bugatchi (Trim Fit for Men Who Are A Bit Bigger) $225

leaf print shirt

Z Zegna (Extra Trim Fit) $195

personal stylist for men

Paul Smith (Trim Fit) $250

leaf print shirt

Barney Cool (Trim Fit) $89

personal stylist for men

Todd Synder (Extra Trim Fit) $125

leaf print sweater

Ted Baker (Trim Fit – order a size up. Best for those with flat stomachs.) $179

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