Best Men’s Shoes Right Now

best mens shoes

Magnannl ‘Federico’ Oxford $225

Shoes are the base of your outfit. They complete the tone of your entire look and dictate the way you walk in the world. I find men struggle the most with shoes for this reason. You want comfort, but you also want your outfit to make sense proportionately and appropriately. Let me help you out with that. Here are the best men’s shoes right now.

Best Men’s Black Dress Shoe

Pictured above, this Magnanni ‘Federico’ Oxford is my go-to for a gorgeous black dress shoe. The comfort is fantastic, the leather divine, and the shape is excellent. It is not too pointy, not too square. Today I had a client that absolutely detested pointy-toe dress shoes and he was able to get onboard with this modern shoe. It was a victory for us both. The last thing I appreciate about this shoes is it’s sole. Unlike the lovely, but slippery flat bottoms of the Allen Edmonds dress shoes, these Magnanni oxfords have a discreet rubber grip to them. Perfect for walking across the tile floors and smooth carpet in our lives.

How To Wear: You will pair this dress shoe with suits, slacks, and dressy chinos. Do not pair this shoe with 5-pocket pantsjeans or shorts.

best mens shoes

Ecco ‘Faro’ Moc Toe Oxford in Mink $229.95

Most Stylish Ecco Dress Shoes

You want trusted comfort, you buy Ecco shoes, but I am sure you have noticed some of those Ecco shoes can lack style. Generally, you want to steer clear of those chunky options, and go for the Ecco styles listed below. (Sizing Note: Ecco runs a bit big. If you are between sizes, order a size down.)

How To Wear: You will pair any of these dress shoes with suits, slacks and dressy chinos. Do not pair this shoe with 5-pocket pantsjeans or shorts.

best mens shoes

The Rail ‘Cody’ Cap Toe Oxford $99.95

Best Brown Shoe For Casual Pants & Jeans

There are some awesome brown shoes for casual pants and jeans out there, but I just discovered this inexpensive ‘Cody’ Cap Toe Oxford by The Rail. I cannot vouch for its longevity at this point, but the color, shape and immediate comfort is spot on. It embodies that effortless, yet respectful casual shoe I endlessly seek for my clients. I love that it is a casual oxford and not a sneaker or a boot. Sometimes you just want to put on an laid-back grown up shoe. No stereotypes here. Just untraceable style.

How To Wear: It will pair beautifully with your blue jeans, casual 5-pocket pants, and khakis. You will not pair it slacks, suits or shorts.

personal stylist for men

John Varvatos Chukka Boot $198

Best Chukka Boot For Men

So many Chukka boots are too bulky, too trendy, or too something. There are a lot of handsome exemptions out there, but I find John Varvatos makes the most reliably awesome Chukka boots. Although, he has labeled it the ‘Hipster’ boot don’t let it detour you. It’s not hipster. It’s timeless in shape, comfort and color. It has that effortless feel. I particularly like his black ‘Hipster’ Chukka. I love that it is not too bulky and it isn’t too shiny. It can be difficult to find a good non-suede, non-shiny black boot for men. This boot is a savior for filling that void.

How To Wear: You will pair this with jeans, 5-pocket casual pants and more casual chinos or khakis. You will not pair it slacks, suits or shorts.


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