How To Wear Blue Shoes

how to wear blue shoes

Shoe: The Rail $110 Belt: 1901 $49.50

Elvis Presley was on to something when he sang about blue suede shoes. They are fabulous, but how does one wear these, my clients often ask. Below you will see how to wear blue shoes for all occasions…

What To Wear With Dressy Blue Suede Shoes

Dressy blue suede shoes, like the Mezlan plain toe Derby oxford, pair well with light to medium grey slacks and suits. The grey of Ted Baker’s Jay Trim Fit Plaid Wool Suit is a perfect example of the grey you can pair with these blue suede shoes. I highly recommend this look for a party or stylish work environment. Note, you generally will not be wearing navy blue slacks or suits with blue suede shoes.

How To Wear Blue Suede Shoes Casually

Besides the Mezlan and the Lloyd blue suede shoes, the rest of the shoes pictured are to be worn casually. You will be wearing these shoes with lighter grey casual pants like AG’s 5-pocket casual pants in cloud grey. You can also wear a casual blue suede shoe with Paige ‘Federal Transcend’ Slim Straight Leg Jean in ‘fennel seed,’ or as I like to say, tan. Note, you generally will not be wearing navy blue pants or blue jeans with blue suede shoes.

How To Wear Blue Suede Shoes To The Office

Depending on your work environment, you can wear the dressy blue suede looks or the more casual blue suede looks mentioned previously, but the most work appropriate pairing for blue suede shoes is the Lloyd Giles wingtip with Bonobos ‘true khaki’ chinos.

What Shirts Do I Wear With Blue Shoes?

Basically any collared shirt or nicer sweater with any bit of navy blue in it will go well with blue suede shoes. Here are a list of my favorite navy blue tops and sweaters to pair with your blue suede shoes.

  1. Bonobos Crows Slim Fit Print Nest Sport Shirt
  2. Ted Baker Valerio Quarte Zip Pullover
  3. Ted Baker London Cashguy Trim Fit V-Neck Sweater
  4. Ted Baker London Sobossy Trim Fit Print Sport Shirt
  5. Ted Baker London Hewett Trim Fit Geometric Dress Shirt
  6. Ted Baker London Cambell Crew Neck Sweater
  7. Boss Jason Slim Fit Easy Iron Check Dress Shirt
  8. Boss Orange Enamee Extra Trim Fit Jacquard Woven Shirt
  9. John Varvatos Collection Slim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt
  10. Boss Berno Shawl Collar Wool Pullover
  11. Bonus: Blue Suede Jacket!

What Socks Do I Wear With Blue Suede Shoes?

Navy socks or a sock with a navy blue print is a great idea. You an also wear a sock in the color palette of your pant, which will end up being tan or grey in most cases.

What Belt Do I Wear With Blue Suede Shoes?

You must find a blue suede belt that matches as close as possible to the color blue of your shoe. I have already color matched The Rail blue suede boots to the 1901 blue suede belt. For the rest of the shoes, you will need to do your homework. Here are a list of blue suede belt available…

  1. Mezlan Fuji Suede Belt
  2. Boss Cansian Suede Belt
  3. Torino Belt Suede Belt

Mezlan $375


Llyod $285


Geox $210


Trask $245 $179.90


Shoe: The Rail $110 Belt: 1901 $49.50

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